Property Surveillance: The Basics

Property Surveillance: The Basics

5 Features That Makes A Comprehensive Home Security System

When it comes to security, there are few things more important than protecting your home and loved ones. A comprehensive home security system is one of the best ways to do this, and there are a few key features that make up a great system. Here are five of the most important. 1. Intrusion Detection One of the most important aspects of any security system is its abilit

Specs To Prioritize When Investing In An Access Control System

Although there is an array of security systems that you can choose to install on your property, a good number of homeowners tend to gravitate towards conventional solutions such as alarm systems, CCTV surveillance, and so on since they are familiar with these systems being utilized in residential applications. But while access control systems are primarily associated

4 Compelling Reasons Your Business Needs Video Surveillance

As a business owner, you are constantly worried about the threats that could bring down your business. Thieves are always scouting for an unprotected territory that they could break into. Therefore, it is important to stay ahead of the game and protect your business against security threats. One effective way to ensure this is by installing video surveillance systems

Top 5 Locations For CCTV Security Cameras

So, you have finally decided to install CCTV security systems in your home. This is a crucial step in boosting security and monitoring activities on your property. That said, the cameras need to be placed in the right positions for maximum effectiveness.  While there's no one-size-fits-all rule for security camera placement, it's important to think about the comm

Why Install Fail-Secure Access Control Locks On Your Factory Doors?

If you are installing a new access control system in your factory, then you have to work out what will happen if you lose power. If your main door locks rely on a power source, then you have a problem if your power fails. While some locking mechanisms work on a fail-safe principle, you might find that a fail-secure system is a better alternative. How do these systems