Property Surveillance: The Basics

Worried About Parking Lot Crime And Vandalism? Look Into These Security Services Today

Crime and safety are a top concern when you are a commercial property owner, and if you feel you need to up the security around your commercial property, get started today. If your area has become a target for vehicle break-ins, vandalism, burglaries, and more, it's time to get help.

Making your business more secure is important for the safety of your staff, and to maintain the property. Here are a few of the things you should consider changing.

Video Surveillance Systems

Exterior cameras posted around the parking lot with signs, along with outside the building will warn people that you are monitoring what is going on outside the property. Warn trespassers and people that you are recording at all times, so their actions will be caught on camera.

Studies have proven that having cameras will help reduce crime. A security professional can help discuss what options are the best for you, including features like:

This can be an investment that lasts for years, make sure that you invest your money into a high-quality and long-lasting system. The security expert will show you how to use the system properly.

Gated Entry Options

If it's possible to put a gate up to prevent entry in and out throughout the day, this is a great barrier to keep people out. The cost for this may be high, look at options that employees can scan a badge or type in a code to get in. This makes it more difficult for people to get into the parking lot without being seen.

Live Security Guard

A live security guard is another possibility. A security company that has staffed trained security guards you can employ on your property will assess your needs and help you find the right type of guard for your property. This could be someone with a weapon, from a gun to a taser if needed, or just someone who monitors the areas.  

With parking lot crime on the rise across the nation, it's important to protect your staff and anyone that is pulling into the parking lot of your business. If you know that the area where your business is located is a target for this type of crime, taking action to protect all of the vehicles on the property is a step to show you care as a business owner.

Reach out to a security services company to learn more.