Property Surveillance: The Basics

Specs To Prioritize When Investing In An Access Control System

Although there is an array of security systems that you can choose to install on your property, a good number of homeowners tend to gravitate towards conventional solutions such as alarm systems, CCTV surveillance, and so on since they are familiar with these systems being utilized in residential applications. But while access control systems are primarily associated with commercial properties, you should know there are several benefits you stand to gain by investing in this option.

Not only will an access control system help with impeding any intruders that try to breach your home, but a card access control system eliminates the use of keys, gives you control over who ventures into your residence, and much more. Nonetheless, if you are to make the most of this security system, you need to know what specifications to look for that would give you the most bang for your buck. To help you along, below are a couple of specs to prioritize when investing in an access control system for your home.

Customized Alerts

One of the foremost features to look for in an access control system for your home is the ability to send you notifications the moment someone tries to breach an access point. However, if you live with several people, receiving a barrage of notifications throughout the day can be tiresome, to the point that you may want to turn off the alerts. But this is inadvisable since you could end up missing crucial information from your access control system.

The best solution to this issue is to invest in a web-based access control system that allows you to program customized alerts depending on the scenario. For example, while you may want to know when one of the doors has been held open for longer than a few minutes, you may want an urgent notification if someone is trying to tamper with the lock mechanism. Inquire from your security system provider about customized alerts and the various configurations available for the access control system.

Automated Reports

A top-tier access control system should be able to record data throughout the day and night that could be relevant for the security of your residence. However, having a demanding career or a busy home life can make it difficult to peruse all this data in one sitting. Moreover, some of the information could be irrelevant, which makes reading every single recorded entry tedious.

Rather than have to go through all the information collected manually, you should opt for an access control system that is capable of generating automated reports at your preferred frequency, such as weekly or monthly. This report can be personalized to provide specific data such as individuals that opened specific doors in your home, instances of unauthorized people trying to access this security system, doors staying open for longer than the average time, and so on.