Property Surveillance: The Basics

Top 5 Locations For CCTV Security Cameras

So, you have finally decided to install CCTV security systems in your home. This is a crucial step in boosting security and monitoring activities on your property. That said, the cameras need to be placed in the right positions for maximum effectiveness. 

While there's no one-size-fits-all rule for security camera placement, it's important to think about the common ways intruders enter a home and how they move while inside. With this information, here are the top five locations you should consider for effective CCTV camera placement. 

Front Door

Many people assume criminals cannot enter a home through the front door. But statistics by InterNACHI show that 34% of all burglars enter a home through the front door. Therefore, having a camera at the main entrance helps any criminal approaching your house know they're being watched and should look elsewhere.

On top of that, a camera at the front door keeps you informed of everyone entering and leaving your home. This includes your kids, delivery professionals, babysitters, and plumbers, among others. You can have peace of mind that no one has accessed your home without your knowledge. 

Back and Side Doors

Most criminals will want to sneak into your home undetected. And since back and side doors are rarely used, a burglar knows they can use them without alerting anyone. French and patio doors are especially prone to break-ins, so support them with a well-positioned CCTV camera. 

When these cameras are used in combination with other security features like quality locks and sturdy glass, you can rest easy knowing your home is safe. 

Top of the Staircase

Any centralized place where criminals would pass through to access your home should be surveilled. Therefore, consider installing a camera at the top of the staircase at an angle where most of the lower parts are visible. 

If your house doesn't have a higher floor or a staircase, you can install the CCTV camera on your living room's ceiling. This gives you a clear view of who is coming in and going out since the living room is often connected to the other rooms. 

Outside or Inside Your Garage

Your garage houses your car, machinery, bikes, sports equipment, and other valuables. These are enticing things to criminals. And, even if you don't store anything meaningful in your garage, they may still use it to access your home. 

With a CCTV camera facing the garage, you can pick up any suspicious activities around that area. Alternatively, you can have a camera inside the garage to monitor anyone that enters and leaves. 

Common Areas Inside the House

The common areas inside your home, like the living room and kitchen, are great places to install CCTV security systems. Any intruder who enters your home will likely spend some time in these rooms. You can then present the footage to security authorities to help in criminal identification.  

These indoor cameras are also crucial for monitoring activities like what your kids are doing during the day, whether your pet has been fed, or if the babysitter is still home. You'll always be on top of things wherever you are. 

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