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4 Smart Reasons To Upgrade The Access Control System For Your Business

If you have a business with an old access control system, you will want to upgrade your system. Access control systems have been around for decades now, and if you have an older system, it is smart for you to upgrade to keep your business secure. 

Reason #1: Easier Access

With older access control systems, to grant someone access to the system or see who accessed the systems, you had to log into a control database that allowed you to view all the data. You had to log into a device connected directly to the system or used a local computer network.

With newer access control systems, it is much easier to see who is accessing your building, and it is much easier to change people's permission to access the building. With a new system, you can log onto the internet, and through a secure portal, make changes to the system and observe what is happening. There are even apps you can use to control the system. It is much easier to manage your security system from your phone or another computer.

Reason #2: Higher Security Standards

Older access control systems usually feature older security systems, which are easier for people to hack into. If you want to keep your business secure, you need a newer access control system that features higher security standards.

For example, you will want a system with a SOC2 cybersecurity standard to keep your business secure. 

Reason #3: More Controlled Access

With a newer system, you can add more controlled access. You can limit the hours that people can get into your building. You can also set up control points inside your building if you have rooms containing sensitive information that you don't want everyone in your organization to access. 

You can also easily disable someone's ability to get into certain parts of your building or to get into your building altogether, quickly and easily with a modern system. If someone is fired, for example, you will need to remove their access to your business.

Reason #4: Growing Business

If your business is growing, and you have a larger workforce than you did when you installed the original system and expanded your facilities, installing a new system makes sense.

Many older systems limit how many people can have access cards or codes. With a more modern system, you can add more individuals to the system or given more employees access to specific parts of your business.

If you have an access control system that is more than a decade old, it is time to upgrade to a network with better security features and more customization. Newer systems allow for easier access as an administrator and allow you greater monitoring control over your business. For more information about upgrading your web-based access control system, contact a local access service provider.