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What You Can Do To Avoid A False Alarm With Your Home Security System

If there was one negative about home alarm systems, it would have to be the fact that they can sometimes signal a false alarm. However, in this instance, it is rarely the system itself that is to blame, but instead, a result of an issue brought about by a user error. If you have a home security system installed in your home, learn about some of the steps you can take to avoid a false alarm.


Take a few seconds to communicate that you are turning the alarm on. If you live with other adults, someone may have plans to leave the house, and if they do not know that the alarm is on, they may open the door. A simple notice that you are alarming the system can go a long way in avoiding this sort of problem.

Check the Batteries

Make sure you check the batteries inside the system to ensure they have enough charge. When the batteries in an alarm are low, they can sometimes trigger a false alarm. Simply replacing the batteries can correct the problem. If you have a newer system, you should see a low-battery indication on the control panel when the batteries are low.

Remember the Delay Door

All doors have a delay door. This door is generally the one that is located closest to the control panel. Make sure you always enter your home through this door. The delay door will allow you several seconds to disarm the door when its opened. However, other doors will trigger the alarm right away when opened.

Secure Pets

Pets are one of the most common triggers for false alarms. Depending on the location of the sensor, if the sensor detects movement from your pet, it will go off. This problem is especially an issue when it comes to cats, given the way they move around. Secure your pet in an area that will not trigger the alarm when you are away.

Double Check Doors

Ensure your doors are locked when the alarm is turned on. For example, if the door is not latched correctly and the wind is high, it could blow the door open. To the alarm, any open door is a threat, so the alarm will be triggered. Secure all the doors and windows in your home to avoid this sort of mishap.

If your system keeps triggering false alarms and you are not sure what else to do, do not hesitate to speak with a home security system professional for assistance.