Property Surveillance: The Basics

Examples Of Ways To Use Security Cameras

When people hear the words "security cameras" they automatically think of the camera systems that homes and businesses put up to record the vulnerable areas of their property that they are concerned about criminals violating. However, there are a lot of other uses for security cameras, many of which you may not have thought of before and that may be beneficial to you. Here are some of the other ways people choose to put security cameras to use.

Wildlife Observation

One way people use their cameras is to enjoy watching the wildlife around their property and in other locations. However, a lot of people also use them to keep an eye on their property to learn what wildlife has been coming onto the property to cause damages. In other cases, wildlife may be coming onto a person's property and be killing their pets or livestock. Cameras can help the person to learn what they are dealing with, so they know the best course of action to take to protect their animals and livestock in the future.

Weather Observation

Some people live in areas where they want to keep an eye on the weather conditions around them and record them. Some people stream the weather online for others to see, especially if they live in areas where tourists often come, such as mountains with ski resorts or beach areas. Also, people like to have the cameras set up to catch things like tornadoes or snowfalls. It's important to note things like sunsets and city-scapes can also be enjoyed by others in these views.

Neighborhood Watch

In some neighborhoods, residents like to have some extra security cameras set up that point to areas such as down the streets from the house. This way, the homeowner's can also keep a close eye on the entire neighborhood. People who don't have their own security cameras can benefit from this because it means if something does happen to their home or cars, then there is a chance their neighbor's camera that was pointed toward their home may have caught the event on their security camera system.


There are many uses for security cameras around your home . In fact, the reasons to install cameras on your property are almost limitless. However, keep in mind that you'll still be able to have them in place to better secure your home, your business, and your property.