Property Surveillance: The Basics

What To Consider When Picking A Home Alarm System

Looking to add some security to your home by installing an alarm system? If so, it helps to know what to look for to separate your ideal system from the others

Police Dispatching

The main thing you should find out is if this system dispatches the police to your home if the alarm goes off. Some systems will only notify you through a push notification to your phone, but don't actually call the police. This may not do you much good if you are away from home and not near your phone at the time or an alert. 

Cellular Beacon

You'll also want to find out how the cell phone communicates with the outside world. Some systems depend on a telephone or internet connection, but both of those systems can go down and render your alarm system useless. You'll want to look into a system that has a cellular beacon for communicating. This ensures that the system is able to call the police if an alarm goes out, even when your phone or internet service isn't working. 

Battery Backup

A good alarm system is also going to have a battery backup that helps the system run without electricity. This more common on modern wireless system that have sensors that run on a battery. This insures that door entry sensors, glass break sensors, and motion sensors will always work. The main beacon will then have a battery backup in it, which allows the sensors to communicate with the beacon for several hours during a power outage. 


Consider an alarm system that allows you to expand onto it when your security needs grow. For example, if you are moving and want to take your alarm system with you, then you may end up needing to add more entry sensors. If you cannot easily add more sensors to the system, you will then need to purchase a much bigger upgrade later on. That is not ideal for most homeowners. 

Smart Home Integration

Look for an alarm system that integrates itself with your smart home devices. Things like being able to activate the alarm system with your voice can make leaving your home a breeze, especially when your hands are full on the way to work. 

Having trouble finding an alarm system that works best for you? Reach out to security companies like BP Alarm in your area for assistance. They can help you find the right system and perform the installation.