Property Surveillance: The Basics

Security System Options You May Want To Consider

Security is important to people, and rightly so. Keeping your family, home, and possessions safe is a basic desire, but in some cities, the crime rate is high and the possibility of someone breaking into your home is a very real concern.  There are some security options that you can consider to secure your home and put your mind at ease. 

Basic Security Systems

Most security systems will protect your home using sensors on the doors and windows that sound the alarm if one of those entry points is breached. A basic system is inexpensive and is a great place to start if you are just beginning to look for options to secure your home. Often, these basic systems come with monthly monitoring fees; for a basic system, the cost of monitoring is not terribly high. 

Add-on Services

Adding additional services to your security system might be something you want and could allow you to set up the system so it provides the best service options for you.

Servalaince cameras are one area that people often expand their security systems. The addition of cameras outside the home can make it easier for you to see who is on the property and what they are doing there. In some situations, a potential prowler could be casing the home or looking for a way in, and video cameras are a good way to see their activity before they get into the home. 

Glass break sensors are another option that allows the protection of large windows that do not open. Even though these windows are fixed, an intruder could break the glass and use the large opening to get inside. The glass break sensor detects not only the glass shattering but vibrations of the glass if someone tried to break it unsuccessfully. That sensor can sound the alarm on the first break attempt and scare off the intruder before they get in. 

Fire and smoke alarms are another common add on for alarm systems. Systems with monitoring often benefit from smoke alarms in the home because the alarm center gets notification of smoke in the home as soon as the alarm activates. The monitoring center can react very quickly and send the fire department to your home right away. The time this saves over someone noticing smoke coming from your home can sometimes be the difference between having a small fire with minimal damage or losing the entire home from a major fire. 

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