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Six Bad Habits That Put You At Risk Of Losing Keys

Losing one's keys and experiencing lockouts are among the most frustrating things in life. These experiences can also be expensive if they result in a situation where you need to pay for locksmith services.

If you lose keys frequently, it's time to change your habits. The following are six bad habits you should get rid of if you want to minimize your risk of losing your keys again in the future.

Being disorganized

Simply straightening up and becoming more organized will go a long way in helping you to prevent lost keys. If you've got a lot of clutter around your home, office, or vehicle, it's going to be easy to misplace things.

Clear away clutter and designate a place to store all your important possessions like your keys.

Not having spares made

Losing keys is no big deal when you've got plenty of spares available. If it's time to have keys replaced, you should probably order a few replacement sets. This way, you'll have some backups to turn to if you misplace your keys again in the near future.

Having too much stress

If you let your stress levels get out of control, it's going to be harder to remember important details in your life like where you put your keys.

The more you have to remember and accomplish on a daily basis, the more stressed you'll get. Make sure you're taking some time out now and then to relax and you might find it's easier to keep track of everything.

Locking doors when you don't need to

Every time you lock a door, you give yourself an opportunity to get locked out due to lost keys. While it's important to lock doors when security and safety are on the line, you don't necessarily have to lock a door each and every time you leave your office or home. 

Keeping old keys you don't need

If you've got too many keys to keep track of, you'll be more likely to lose important ones. A lot of us have a bad habit of keeping key chains with tons of old keys on them. 

You should get rid of old keys to simplify your organization needs and to pinpoint the keys in your life that are most necessary. 

Having no key chain

Some people get into the bad habit of carrying important keys around loose. This is an easy way to lose them. If you have a key chain grouping all your important keys together, it will be easier to keep track of your keys.

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